What is Functional Alcoholic and Symptoms?

Functional alcoholic refers to a drinking pattern that is considered excessive, but does not seem to cause major problems in a person’s life. “Functional alcoholic” term is used to define person showing strong alcohol dependence, yet is able to sustain a comparatively normal daily life. People with this type of drinking problem may continue to perform well at work or school, and are unlikely to experience major legal or financial issues as a result of their drinking.

Functional alcoholics can go about their routine activities without any obvious signs of alcohol dependence. They often do not display the outwardly signs of physical or emotional distress due to drinking. In addition, they may be able to successfully hide their addiction from family, friends, and even co-workers.

Quitting functional alcoholic situation can be a long process, with many obstacles along the way, but it is possible to achieve sobriety and lead a healthier, happier life. Detox to Rehab is a valuable directory with links to support groups and organizations that can help you on your journey to recovery. The platform also has quality information and educational content to help you handle drug or alcohol withdrawal symptoms.

People who are dependent on alcohol, but still manage to keep up with their job and home life, are usually referred to as high-functioning alcoholics. It is often hard to recognize when a person has a problem, since they often deny that they do. However, there are some signs that they may exhibit which could be a red flag that they struggle with their drinking habits.

For example, if someone is drinking more than once a week to cope with the stress of work or to reduce anxiety about a relationship, this can be a sign that they are struggling. Even if they don’t think that this constitutes a disorder, it can still be an issue. Additionally, if a person is drinking in every situation and using alcohol to calm down, sleep, or wake up, this is another indication that they are.

It is essential for such people in denial to take medical help and abstain from alcohol!