How drug/alcohol addiction is different in men and women: North Carolina Drug rehab?

Addiction is a disorder that impacts people of all ages, genders, ethnicities, and races. With that stated, there are some distinctions between the sexes. Whether you are mannish or female, though, if you are struggling with a habit, it is important to pursue help. For guys, Next Step Recovery (North Carolina drug rehabis here to supply you with the help you require to get through the challenges of early gravity.

Next Step Recovery (North Carolina Drug rehab) equips men with the tools they need to reach and stay straight. It is our goal for our patients to find joy in earnest and live energy of pride and joy. In charge to do this, we supply men with a variety of different healing techniques that are established to assist with the therapy of alcohol and drug addiction.

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Sex Disparities in Substance Usage

Drugs and alcohol impact guys and females in a similar method. With that said, guys are more probable to suffer from dependence on a variety of different meanings than females. Men are also more possible to end up in the crisis room and die from an overdose.

At Next Step Recovery (North Carolina Drug rehab), we focus on treating men and fulfilling their unique requirements. Our schedule is designed to create a feeling of companionship, comradery, and understanding between the guys in our program. No one should have to battle habits on their own. Next Step Recovery delivers a support network for our patients to rely on and support each other through questioning times.

Intensive Outpatient Alcohol North Carolina Drug Rehab Center

The intensive outpatient alcohol and drug (North Carolina Drug rehab) program at Next Step Recovery is designed to supply patients with the care they require. Patients learn practical skills that benefit not only with early healing but also long-term healing. The IOP (aka intensive outpatient) schedule at Next Step Recovery is a 12-week schedule that affects patients visiting the building 3 to 5 days a week for rare hours at a time. This group of care is perfect for those that have at-home responsibilities like work or family but still require skilled support.

The IOP schedule at Next Step Recovery (North Carolina Drug rehab) is multi-faceted. We offer DBT (aka dialectical behavioural therapy), CBT (aka Cognitive Behavioral Therapy), yoga, meditation, Wilderness Adventure treatment, and more. With the variety of benefits we deliver, we are capable to ensure the requirements of all of our patients are met.

Wilderness Adventure Therapy

Wilderness Adventure treatment is the ideal method for the guys in our program to bond, get some practice, touch nature, and include a ton of fun in earnest! The major problem patients have when they get straight is whether or not they will be capable to have a reasonable time without the use of their senses. Our Wilderness Adventure treatment offers a combination of activities that patients value, which have:

  • Water sports could be the best one
  • Hiking is good to heal
  • Paintball
  • High Rope Systems
  • And many more